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This page is made with you in mind. You can access original writing prompts, self publishing tips, a lit mag guide, as well as other goodies. If you are wondering how to join an in-person group, please contact me via email or instagram. For more information about the online feedback groups, see the WriteFlow Workshops page.
The following set of resources for writers aren't books, but they might still teach you something. Some are fun, some are functional, but I hope all of these help you grow.

A short, but very thorough, guide that helps you navigate Joseph Campbell's landmark narrative theory, the Hero's Journey. Written by Christopher Vogler.

Regularly updated collection of essays that focus on different aspects of the craft of writing nonfiction.

Created by poet Douglas Luman, applied poetics merges coding with the literary arts to help illustrate OuLiPo constraints, algorithmic writing, formal poetics, and more.

From "acrostic" to "zeugma," this site lists every possible literary device with thorough definitions and real-world examples.



A site dedicated to democratizing the MFA learning process by providing a lot of resources free of charge or at an affordable rate.

A small but growing collection of prompts that can be used by writers working in any genre. Created by poet and writer Lucianna Chixaro Ramos.

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association offers a great starting point for writers looking to improve worldbuilding within their novels and short stories. The list is extensive!


Story Grid

A massive collection of articles (with associated video content) on topics ranging from tropes and dialog to deep dives into character archetypes. Focused on genre writing.


Project Gutenberg

A huge collection of free eBooks and scans of older texts. Texts are offered in a variety of formats including ePubs, Kindle, plain text, or you can read them directly in the browser.

A collection of (what I am choosing to believe is) every poetic form. There is a short guide with an example of each type of formal poetry that you can follow to create your own.

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