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CELLS is a Latinx Poetry Book of Note: The La Treintena List from the Latinx Project at NYU

by Urayoán Noel
The La Treintena List is published yearly by the Latinx Project at NYU

This year has been a tough one for independent poetry. The recent closure of Small Press Distribution has dovetailed with the ongoing consolidation of mainstream publishing and its backpedaling from the diversity and social justice initiatives it committed to, through pressure, over the last few years. Still, Latinx poetry itself is flourishing, even if few in the academy are paying attention.

Don't Let Your Self Get in the Way: Mindfulness, Multiculturalism, and the Creative Process

by Lucianna Chixaro Ramos
This piece is a reprint. It was originally published on Obra/Artifact's blog in 2016.

About two years ago I was lucky enough to make a wrong turn. While looking for a grocery store less crowded than the one near my apartment, I drove down the wrong two lane road in the south part of Orlando. The suburban landscape clogged with strip malls quickly gave way to a semi-rural stretch populated by sod companies and houses whose lots can be measured in quantities greater than quarter acres...

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